End It


There are and estimated 27 million slaves today…in brothels, in factories, in quarries, in 161 countries, including our own. Many of these are children, some as young as pre-school age. Atlanta itself is considered a hub for child sex trafficking. With those facts, a movement was launched in Atlanta on January 3rd at the 2013 Passion Conference calling our generation to be the voices that speak and the hands that act to end modern day slavery.

So, how does the average American actively take up arms against slavery? Here are five immediate ways you can get involved:

  1. Help awaken this generation by raising awareness that slavery still exists. Talk about it in your churches, small groups, prayer groups, friend circles, and on social media. Post right now on Facebook and Twitter that slavery still exists and point people to outlets for information such as The End It Movement and The CNN Freedom Project. If you’re a college student, organize or take part in the Stand for Freedom Campaign on your campus.
  2. Donate to organizations that stand on the front lines of the fight to prevent individuals from getting trapped in slavery and rescue and restore those who are or have been trapped in it. A list of 20 such organizations can be found on the Passion 2013 website.
  3. Being vigilant and willing to use the national trafficking hotline at 1-888-373-7888 if you see anything suspicious. Put that number in your phone right now and tell everyone you know to do the same. The hotline is connected with nonprofits and law enforcement agencies in most every city in the country. In addition, the hotline team can provide resources to help you get involved in the fight against slavery. Many individuals trapped in the commercial sex trade industry don’t know this number exists. Freedom is one phone call away. Spread the word.
  4. Hundreds of people are fighting to curb the supply of slaves. You can be an agent of curbing the demand for them. Take the Slavery Footprint Survey and learn how many slaves work for you – based on the things you purchase, wear, eat, use and purchase on a daily basis. Be a conscious consumer and avoid purchasing products that are made with slave labor (pages 7-23). Also, be a generation that pursues and speaks out for purity. Pornography and slavery are closely tied industries. Stop.
  5. Pray. Pray for awakening, prevention, rescue, and restoration. Pray for those trapped in slavery, that they would be set free. Pray for those on the front lines of the battle, law enforcement and organizations like IJM, to receive the tips they need and to be extremely effective in their rescue operations. Pray for those communities where children are abducted or sold into slavery, that God would bring about economic development to make slavery unprofitable. Pray for the demand…that God would awaken this generation to pursue purity, abandoning the idols of pornography and prostitution. Pray that businesses would embrace ethical treatment of workers throughout their supply chains and act as an intercessor by demanding it of them through purchasing decisions and petitions. Pray for healing and restoration of those rescued from slavery and that their stories would carry weight to inspire and challenge all who hear them.

So, there are 5 immediate ways you can join the fight to End It in this generation. If this issue of slavery captivates you or you simply want more information, then download this PDF of 27 more ways you can take action and actually do them.